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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Sep 18, 2012)
(Sep 17, 2012)
servers must be back up thats the tank over now. Sorry for any inconvienence this may have caused you folk. Just they had to close the server just to make sure it could handle hoosebrick :)
(Sep 12, 2012)
take it easy m8
(Sep 11, 2012)
off for work, cou!ple of days, cy all soon
(Sep 01, 2012)
sorry not on tonight got friends round
(Aug 13, 2012)
welcome 2 the 3 new members of cqb
(Aug 06, 2012)
bored in work ffs
(Jul 23, 2012)
need some events up guys
(Jul 23, 2012)
need some events up guys
(Jul 19, 2012)
ok mate might be in ettens later tonight
(Jul 19, 2012)
Dont really feel like lvling any thing atm, but ill stay on TS so if you need me for any instances then just pull me from what ever channel im in ^^
(Jul 18, 2012)
how far will you travel in one hour if you travel at the speed of 80MPH?
(Jul 18, 2012)
(Jul 16, 2012)
i cant either m8
(Jul 16, 2012)
cant get on ts ffs
(Jul 09, 2012)
Hiiiiiiddeeeee hooooooo
(Jun 26, 2012)
be on in 10 mins late out of work
(Jun 26, 2012)
Get some sleep m8 Old age catching up
(Jun 25, 2012)
sorry about tonight really fecked